ISOL8ME - A new invention that may help curb the spread of Coronavirus.

Patent Pending



ISOL8ME is a one piece isolation suit, the face mask, goggles and gloves are all integrated as part of the suit.  

It is intended to reduce the risk of passing contamination through touch, and through air, to the wearer and from the wearer to the environment. 






  • ISOL8ME reduces the risk of contaminated fluids and air particles from passing between the skin and the mask or goggle. 
  • Reduces the risk of touching the exterior surface of the gloves while removing them.
  • Reduces the risk of touching the face with contaminated hands or contaminated gloves.  
  • It offers more comfort as the mask and goggle do not have to be worn very tightly on the face. Moreover, the user can remove hands from inside the gloves and move them freely inside the suite without touching any of its exterior surface. 
  • ISOL8ME is easy to wear and remove and may require less training to use than existing protection gear available. It reduces the risk of touching the exterior contaminated surface of the goggles, gloves, and mask when removing, because the suit can be removed from the inside out with one simple action rather than removing one piece at a time. 





Two versions of the ISOL8ME suit may be developed and are very close to being ready to manufacture.

- A disposable version with FDA standards for medical professionals and people with high risk.  

- A washable version for lower risk or occasional use. 

In my opinion, it is logical that this suit may offer more protection than a face mask alone as it solves most of the problems found in existing protection equipment.  That means it may save more lives and make it possible or less risky for some workers to get back to work. Imagine Uber drivers for example, grocery store clerks, and many others. 



I am currently raising funds and accepting donations to use in the manufacturing of ISOL8ME suite. All funds will be used to manufacture and donate as many suites as possible to whoever needs it. Mostly nurses and elders

It is not for sale at this time. 

If you are a clothing manufacturer, doctor, nurse, seamstress, fabric store, product developer or if you can offer any kind of help with the process please email me and let's join together to fight this virus.  

Paypal donations or contact email ISOL8ME@GMAIL.COM 

My name is Omar Abass, the owner of Retra Products LLC registered in the State of Ohio. I invented the RetraStrap and brought it to market, I have the experience needed to develop the ISOL8ME suit. Patent pending. 

I will be posting all future progress and donated ISOL8ME suits on this page.



Legal disclaimer: ISOL8ME is currently a concept idea, no laboratory tests or medical research have been performed to prove its effectiveness in preventing the spread of diseases.